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Ant Control London

About the Ant

Lasius niger, known as the common, garden or black ant, the most common ant found in the UK. A worker ant will find a rich harvest of foods and soon there will be a line of ants trailing to and from the nest to the food. They can infest and potentially contaminate food and food related products.

  • 5mm
  • 15mm Queen
  • Black/ Dark brown in Colour

Pharaohs Ants are tiny 2mm ants and yellowish to reddish brown in colour. They are tropical in origin but have become a serious pest of some hospitals premises and blocks of flats. These ants are usually found in heating systems and can be found foraging for food in kitchens or anywhere food is made available for them. They will feed in untreated lesions on a patient’s body, dirty laundry and used dressings, so they are a serious health hazard.

  • Yellowish to reddish brown in colour
  • 2mm
  • Queens slightly red/winged

Ant control in London

Treating Garden Ants will require 1 -2 visits, our treatments are safe, quick and cost effective.

Treating Pharaohs Ants will require 4 – 5 visits, a full site inspection will be carried out prior to treatments to establish the extent of the infestation after we have monitored and assessed the size of the colony, we will proceed with the treatments.

BioNET offers reliable ant control service to customers in West End and Central London areas.