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Flea Control London

About the Flea

There are approximately 60 species of flea in the UK, all of which are blood sucking parasites of warm blooded animals including humans.

Those commonly found in houses in London are the cat flea, dog flea, bird flea and occasionally, although very rarely, the human flea.

The flea population reaches its peak in September.


  • Fleas are unwelcome visitors to houses that keep pet dog or cat. They are also a problem in hospitals where feral cats or foxes may live in ducting’s.


Flea bites irritate. They show up as a tiny dark red spot surrounded by a reddened area. The bite can cause irritation and usually persists for one or two days.

Flea control in London

BioNET offers reliable flea control service to customers in West End and Central London areas.

We have designed a detailed flea treatment programme for our customers to help control the infestation quickly, safely and cost effectively.