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Mice Control London

About the Mouse

The House mouse originated in Asia but have since spread throughout the world. Along with brown rats, they are considered to be the most widespread terrestrial mammal other than humans.


  • 9.5cm in length, with a tail around the same length.
  • 12 – 30g in weight.
  • They have relatively small feet and head with large eyes and ears this distinguishes them from a young brown rat.

Females can produce about 5-10 litters per year, consisting of 4-8 young. The young are independent after 3 weeks this rapid breeding cycle has caused many homes and businesses across London to become infested quickly.

Mice can survive on very little water and its intake is largely regulated by the moisture content of its food and the external temperature, they prefer cereal based foods but will eat mostly anything.

Mice Control in London

BioNET offers reliable mice control service to customers in West End and Central London areas.

We will carry out a full site survey to establish the type, level and extent of the infestation, this will be followed by an individually specific treatment to insure we control the population of mice in the most quickest, humane and convenient manner for you possible.