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Moth Control London

About the Moth

The common clothes moth (Tineola bisselliella). This is a major pest problem to residents throughout London costing millions in damage each year.

Clothes moths do not pose a serious health risk but they are a pest in homes and businesses and this is because of the damage their larvae cause in particular to fabrics, clothes (including cashmere), leather, fur and carpets.

The damage that Clothes moths cause can carry on for many weeks so it is important to get a through treatment started straight away.

If you suspect a moth infestation in your home or business and require the help from a professional BioNET are committed to providing this service to all residents of London.

Look out for signs of a moth infestation, normally the first sign of a moth problem will be patches on carpets and damage to fabrics but there will be other indicators:

  • bald patches on carpets
  • small tiny pin-prick holes in clothes
  • adult moths (either crawling or on the wing)
  • silken tubes or cases in which moth larvae live
  • maggot-like larvae (moth caterpillars/wax-worms)

Moth control in London

BioNET offers reliable moth control service to customers in West End and Central London areas.

Our treatments include fogging and residual application this will ensure total control of the species.

We offer a FREE no obligation site survey to all London customers