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Wasp Control London

About the wasp

The worker is 10-20mm in length and the queen is winged but larger, both have two pairs of wings which lock together. Only the females have the ability to sting, which is near the tip of the abdomen. They are social insects forming colonies inside nests specially constructed in roof spaces, soil banks and in cavities of walls and trees.

It’s possible that wasps can spread disease as they regularly visit dustbins, waste depots and dead animal bodies.

Wasps can be quite terrifying due to their painful sting, a habit which increases as the insects become more irritable with the onset of cooler weather and the in ingestion of over – ripe fruit juices.

Wasp control London

BioNET offers reliable wasp control service to customers in the West End and Central London areas.

We can Protect Commercial premises with insect screening of windows and the installation of electrical devices which attract, kill and catch the bodies.

If wasps are causing you a major problem in your home or business, Contact BioNET Pest Control now for a free no obligation quotation.